11 September 2007

Duncan and Blake: a Thriller Movie by "J.R. Chase"

"A Thriller Movie", "Major Producers and Press Only"!? was this written by an ESL student?

"Duncan and Blake" sounds like another buddy cop flick where the rookie is a hot shot with a red sports car and the elder detective has a bad back and says things like "I'm getting too old for this shit" about 100 times throughout the movie.

I'd actually been wondering how long it would be until someone wrote a book about this tale or did a documentary or a movie. I'd even considered writing a book about it but its too daunting for I know too little and I have even less patience.

But now someone is shopping around a script and they've got a website up and everything; it looks like it took all of 10 minutes to put it all together. Bravo! Be sure to click the "Major Producers and Press Only" links, its hysterical.

"144 page screenplay for sale - starting bid $1.5 Million"
This whole thing is probably a gag but the script is hysterically horrendous. The prolific "J.R. Chase" has posted "The First Ten Pages of Duncan and Blake Movie" online for our entertainment and perusal.

"Synopsis – Duncan and Blake –The Thriller Movie

Two very angry, brilliant, and edgy lovers grasp onto perceived professional, personal and political injustices when they find their careers in jeopardy. When Duncan and Blake intensify the vitriol against their 'enemies' on their web-blog, they attract the attentions of a drug dealer and a priest; both men want to use them for their own personal, political and religious agendas.

After Duncan and Blake are found dead, A. Rodriguez, a knockout female Puerto Rican detective is charged with navigating through the all the truths, lies and conspiracy theories. Rodriguez presses on the street, at home, and in blogosphere before arriving at a surreal and explosive conclusion --another worthy ending in memory to the complicated talents of the recently deceased Duncan and Blake."

Now I dunno about you, but I'm thinking J.Lo for the part of "A. Rodriguez"

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