17 September 2007

GCI breaks the story first, once again

Months later The Post is just now reporting about the offices that were looted in the wake of the steam pipe explosion back in July.

You may recall we broke this story a few days after the explosion in July!

But now, from today's Post...

"Tenants of a building closed for more than a month after the massive Midtown steam-pipe explosion say their offices were looted of laptop computers, iPods, cellphones, cash, booze and other items, The Post has learned.

"The whole incident is offensive on so many levels," said Jeff Isler, president of Infographics, a graphics-arts company that had an estimated $45,000 worth of equipment stolen from its sixth-floor office at 370 Lexington Ave. "They looted us."
Isler said that when he returned to his office in late August after being away for nearly six weeks, he found that more than 12 laptops, "every camera, every iPod, every video camera . . . every memory stick" had been stolen.

"They were methodical," Isler said of the looters.
While we are glad this important story is finally being told, don't forget who broke it first!

Offices Allegedly Looted During Midtown Steampipe Explosion Clean-Up {Gothamist}

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