06 September 2007

Here we go

DEVELOPING STORY: Federal counterterrorism officials are analyzing a posting on an Islamic forum web site that warns of "a special gift" to be given on the sixth anniversary of Sept. 11

The warning was posted Sept. 2 on a site frequented by radical groups and said in part that "there will be a special gift coming on the day of the blessed invasion of Manhattan."

Feds are trying to determine if it might be a specific warning or just part of broad chatter that has been heard during the last few months.

Postings talking about "gifts" have been seen before in the days leading up to the anniversary of Sept. 11.

I'm sure there will be a thousand more rumours just like this before the 11th comes. Eerie thing is that the 11th will fall on a Tuesday again this year and I don't think its been a Tuesday since 2001.

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