14 September 2007

I heart Shia LaBeouf

Well, actually I have no idea who he or she is but I love that name, everytime I hear it I get happy and I have to repeat it. I want that name! except I wanna be Simon Le Boeuf.

Simon sounds a lot better than Shia and I'm also gonna spell Le Boeuf the way it should be spelled which coincidentally means "beef" in French. So I'm sorta combining Shia LaBeouf with Simon Le Bon, which is just amazing.

So from now on, when you see me, please address me as Simon Le Boeuf. In fact, I just might change the name of this blog to: Simon Le Boeuf's Gotham City.

1 comment:

Johan said...

Hi ! I am french and my friend's name is actually Simon Le Boeuf ! Incredible, no ? But real !!!!