20 September 2007

I would've been so psyched when I was 12

Leave voice mails for Megadeth !

During MEGADETH's current headlining 2007 U.S. "Tour of Duty" in support of their "United Abominations" (Roadrunner Records) CD, Dave Mustaine is reaching out to fans and inviting them to call his cell and share their thoughts. As part of a collaboration with SayNow — a service that enables celebrities to connect to their audience over the phone — fans can call and leave messages for Dave on his cell. At each tour date, Dave makes an announcement from the stage encouraging fans to call and leave him messages and tells them where his cell number is posted at the venue. Dave also sends out group voicemails from the stage at each tour date, letting fans know what city he’s in and invites the local audience to cheer in the background while he's leaving the message. As part of his outreach to fans, Dave also leaves messages for people who have contacted him about current MEGADETH activities. Anyone who'd like to leave a personal message for Dave and his bandmates can call them at the following numbers:

Dave Mustaine: (619) 717-2000
Glen Drover: (818) 237-4680
Shawn Drover: (678) 999-2215
James Lomenzo: (661) 349-7208

Um, who the fuck are those other dudes? What happened to Marty, Nick and David???! I only know Lomenzo because he's from Brooklyn...

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