20 September 2007

It's Official: Greenpoint Has Arrived

From Sotheby's listing: "Brooklyn, NY luxury condo/townhouse $975,000...658 Leonard Street... This property is located on a quiet residential block in proximity to McCarren Park...a property of this type rarely comes on the market in Greenpoint, and offers an attractive purchase option to higher priced neighbouring Williamsburg... Greenpoint is a vibrant community and birthplace of Mae West and Pat Benatar." Umm...

Did you ever think you'd hear "Sotheby's" and "Greenpoint" in the same sentence?!

I dunno, I think I'm gonna hold out for something on Lorimer.

Greenpoint: You've Come a Long Way Baby! {newyorkshitty}
658 Leonard Street {Sotheby's}
from Curbed

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