18 September 2007

Manhattan's most well-known block of secrets

I am absolutely fascinated with the Diamond District; the secret world; the clandestine block; secrets buried in the concrete.

West 47th betwixt Fifth and Sixth...

{ photo: Eat My Design}

a familiar site in the Diamond District {photo Aron Covaliu}

New York City...

West 47th betwixt Fifth and Sixth...

An estimated 90% of diamonds in the United States enter through New York...

the secret society of the Diamond District

$400 million a day changes hands through 2,600 independent businesses all of them dealing in diamonds or jewelry... all on this one block !

"Many deals are still finalised by a simple, traditional blessing and handshake." - I'm assuming with tourists only.

The Diamond Dealers Club, an exclusive club that acts as a de facto diamond exchange, has its own synagogue.

Retailers with shops line the streets outside asking "Are you shopping today?"

Above it all is the Gemological Institute of America, which trains gem dealers.

{photo by Benzadrine}

At night the soft velvet necks and breasts sleep naked in the shop windows.

Like a ritual every morning they are draped in jewels by hands behind crimson curtains like a puppet master readying his puppets for another day.

Read the NY Inquirer's 5-part investigation into the largest Diamond District in the United States: 47th Street in Manhattan.

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