28 September 2007

Never, ever, feed them after midnight...

Animal rights activists are pissed... Someone has been setting domestic rabbits free all over the place out on Long Island; dropping rabbits on roadways, in parks and near school grounds on the South Shore of Long Island.

Earlier this month, a man was seen dumping 20 rabbits in a box at a train station and driving away! "Promise you'll write!"

Obviously domesticated rabbits can't fend for themselves in the wild and some end up starving to death or being killed by raccoons. Awww rabbits vs. raccoons!

The Nassau County SPCA is trying to figure out who is responsible for dumping thumper, and the Rabbit Rescue Group was offering a $5,000 reward. It sounds like someone is raising rabbits and trying to get out of the business. They should have an NQA rabbit drop off at your local police precinct or firehouse.

So, speaking of rabbits...

"Coney Island" comes from The Dutch name for the island "Conyne Eylandt" or Konijn Eiland which means Rabbit Island!

This name (Konijn Eiland) is found on the New Netherland map of 1639 by Johannes Vingboon where New York State and New York City are Dutch Settlements referred to as New Netherland and New Amsterdam respectively.

As with other Long Island barrier islands at the time, Coney Island was virtually overrun with rabbits, and rabbit hunting was common until the resorts were developed and most open space eliminated.

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