25 September 2007

Ninjas descend on Todt Hill

Suppose nows as good a time as any to talk about this ninja dude thats been terrorizing Todt Hill.

The Ninja Burglar, named so because of his wacky ninja outfit, has struck at least 16 homes and has actually encountered six home owners; but we're hearing SI cops are starting to freak out because the numbers are actually a lot higher than whats being reported and they just can't find this dude.

The so-called "Ninja Burglar" methodically opened every drawer in Mary Ann Carlo's jewelry box, taking her cherished possessions piece by piece.

Then, he neatly returned the empty jewelry pouches and drawers to their original position -- as if he had never been there. Awww, what a nice lil' ninja! He robs and he cleans!

The only sign her collection had been disturbed were the rings left lined up along the top of the dresser once she startled him while heading to bed.

"It's like he knew where everything was."

The couple is the latest victims of the shadowy intruder, burglarised Friday at around 10:30 p.m. Their home was the 16th hit in the Ninja's cat-burglary streak which has thus far evaded the NYPD's no-nonsense responses to crime scenes.

73-year-old Anna Jacobs told the Daily News about her July 18 encounter with the Todt Hill ninja, when he was standing at the foot of her bed. How did she know it was a stranger? "He was more graceful going around my bed than my husband would have been." Ooooh, cheap shots at the hubby in the Daily News; all right Anna!

OK, last time I checked a few good men lived in Todt Hill / Dongan Hills; so why hasn't this ninja wound up in the trunk of an El Dorado by now? Patience is a virtue I suppose.

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