16 September 2007

Ooh, baby, baby, it's a wild world

  • Saw a sign in the window of a restaurant boasting the sale of "Hand Make Ice Tea"... sounds deelish, no?!

  • Saw a plastic bottle for sale in my favourite 99¢ store which read "pouder".

  • Ben & Jerry's has some new flavour called Mint Chocolate Chunk?! I'd heard about from a friend of mine on the West coast. I guess it's finally made it to the big city. Welcome, lads!

  • I heart Dunkin Donuts coffee but the cup I had today tasted like straight up BBQ sauce. It was très bizarre. I dunno why I neglected the three separate Royal Crown Magnifico locations on that same strip; 65th street and 14th avenue, around there.

  • I wandered into the local Nordic delicacies shop looking for stroopwafels, which they didn't have but I found a wonderful conversation with two ladies behind the counter about Finland, Holland and Norway. I felt like I was talking to Double R's mum. All their voices had that familiar peculiar pert and shrill, mouths pursed, some of the R's roll in that European way, their eyes are very sly and sage. It's very unique and hard to explain. Regardless, I told them the tale of the stroopwafel and they were intrigued. I told them how you're supposed to lay them on top of your coffee or tea cup before eating to soften them up. We all decided we loved the cold and hated the summer heat and then I left.

  • Salvation Army had a fucked up candelabra for $24. It's so nice when Liberace gives back to the community like that.

  • I'd never seen the Cadillac Catera before. It looks like a goddamn Chevy Corsica or the new era Pontiac Grand AM's; its decidedly very unCadillac in appearance. The Catera was first rolled out in '97 and discontinued in 2001. Cadillac hadn't fucked up that bad since the Cimarron, but you'll still see people pushing Cimarron's, while the Catera, you'll hardly ever see around these parts. It's like, yeah, it says Cadillac on there, but it doesn't look anything like any other Cadillac they'd ever made. Very odd. It looks like a total Hertz rental car from Florida. The engine is from England and I think they made the bodies in France. It's got rear wheel drive which is even more bizarre. Doesn't surprise me that only 95,000 of them were ever sold in the states! I think there are more De Loreans out there.

  • Have you ever tried plugging a leak with your finger as hot motor oil is hemorrhaging from underneath a car? When oil heats up to lubricate an engine it becomes as thin as water and hotter than a pedophiles hell. Eh, these things happen. Win some, lose some.

  • The Mercedes 420 SEL is the last of the Camelot luxury cars. Before the German giant had to worry about competing with Toyota's Lexus and Nissan's Infiniti. Back then, it was a German world; they built the autobahn and owned the universe of luxury; they built tanks and boats and baby brother BMW was still trying to play catch up. Now it's a Japanese luxury market and that's that. All the luxury cars look the same; like souped up Toyota's which were originally just Mercedes rip offs anyway. "Ooh, baby, baby, it's a wild world..."

  • If CBS-FM plays American Breed's "Bend Me, Shake Me" one more time, I'm gonna freak. The first I heard it I loved it however.

  • Began reading "The Moor's Last Sigh" by your boy Salman Rushdie but got distracted.

    An 1894 Benz , rolling with the homeys

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