13 September 2007

People and their petit déjeuner

Coming soon to a coffee table near you.... IKEA people and their most anal breakfasts.

This is like the new thing now. Websites about what you keep in your pockets, or what shoes you wear or whatever matched with your face. The first ten I saw were pretty cool, now it's getting silly... albeit still annoyingly interesting for some reason. Goddamn that car accident phenom.

Anyway, so now this one is people and what they ate for breakfast that day. Some of these people I wanna punch square in the neck. How 'bout you?

this guy must be a super passionate dude. really devours his lover.

ooh look rabbit food. i love the hair though

ok relax fucking john and yoko

this is more like reality for most

and this

i see 3 people. one slice of pie.

see them all here

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