11 September 2007

Peter Lance is the man

His book 1,000 Years for Revenge was my gateway drug to the labyrinthe world of books about 9/11.

Lance's unbridled 1,000 Years is to 9/11 what Behold A Pale Horse is to the world of conspiracy theorem. 1,000 Years was probably the only book I've ever bought multiple copies of after reading to hand out as gifts; I couldn't wait for it to come out on paperback; I found it that important.

Now my boy Peter has a beef with ABC. It's a lot of reading so I won't cut & paste here, but have a look if it piques your interest. And if you haven't read 1,000 Years for Revenge yet, I suggest you pick a copy post haste.

An essay by Peter Lance detailing the history behind the beef with ABC

An interview with Peter Lance from The Raw Story

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