11 September 2007

So today is September 11, 2007. Six years later. It's Tuesday again. I've made mention several times about where I was that morning and what happened to me. I'd love to hear what you were doing and your story. Everyone has one and everyone was affected; either directly or indirectly. So, feel free to post & share.

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Anonymous said...

I worked at Two WTC on the 105th floor from January 1994 until September 2000. I left that company and took a job in midtown and started on September 11, 2000. I always got to the office early and on 9/11 I was sitting at my desk reflecting on my first anniversary with the "new" company. I recall that I was thinking I was very lucky - great wife and daughter - and that I could work for the new company for the rest of my life, God willing.
Then - a call from my sobbing wife asking whether I used to work in the building "with the antenna on top". I told her no and she told me about the plane crash. Thank God our friends at the "old" company were OK. But, didn't we know a bunch of people at Marsh who worked in One WTC?
I went to a colleague's office to watch the news on TV when we saw something incomprehensible. "Was that another plane that just passed by the building? Why did the TV screen lose it's picture?" Then - we knew.
I lost many friends and colleagues that day. More than I can digest even now. I was much luckier that September day than I knew. Many times since then I have pondered the choices, decisions, actions that we make and wonder if it matters. My old secretary who went to work for another person. Would she have lived if we still worked together? Would I have left the builidng on time or would I have stayed?
I cannot harp on these too much. I believe that I was given an opportunity - not sure what it is - and I worry that I am not living up to my part of the bargain.
Hard to explain . . . .