26 September 2007

TMZ today, pit bullshit tomorrow

Yesterday we were excited when TMZ reported Brad and Angelinaface had adopted another kid, this time a pit bull named Lennie! "Finally", I thought, "they're done with children and moving on to a more sensible breed". Alas, now we're hearing the story is utter bullshit and we are heartbroken, leveled and forever scarred.

"Contrary to a report on celebrity gossip website TMZ, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have not adopted a pit bull puppy", so says The Celebrity Truth.

The barely-newsworthy story, in which TMZ accuses the couple of bad parenting, alleges that they "caught Brad in New York with Lennie, the Jolie-Pitt's brand new, white pit bull puppy. While the dog is certainly a cutie, adopting a juvenile pup may not be ideal for homes with young children… What on earth are they thinking?"

Celebrity Truth contacted Pitt's representative who confirmed that the story is "completely not true".

So, then who is Lennie? Bring him to me!

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