01 September 2007

update on that Carter Hotel story...

"Fugitive Sex Offender Questioned in Hotel Murder"

So yesterday we told you about a woman who was found dead under a bed at the run-down Carter Hotel in Times Square.

Police are now questioning a man who checked out of the room and may have left a woman's dead body behind. "Sir, you forgot something"

The corpse, wrapped in plastic bags, was discovered Thursday by a chambermaid who reached beneath a bed and felt a foot.

Police described the body as that of a white female, nearly six feet tall and very thin -- about 130 pounds. The woman was missing her right index finger as well.

She was beaten and strangled, and her death was ruled a homicide. I spoke to Ellen Borakove at the medical examiners office on Friday.

Police said the room's last registered guest, Clarence Dean, checked out very abruptly Wednesday afternoon after staying there for nearly 2 weeks.

Clarence Dean is 35 and no stranger to police. He was required to register as a sex offender at his last known address, a motel in Alabaster, Alabama because of an attempted lewd act involving a child under age 12, committed in the mid 1990's in Palm Beach, Florida.

your boy Clarence has a fivehead

Clarence has been a wanted man in Shelby County, Alabama since March, when sheriff's deputies performed a check and realised he had moved out without informing the police of his destination.

Like we said yesterday, unfortunately the death of the girl under the bed wasn't a first for the Hotel Carter, a threadbare accommodation that stands as a throwback to Times Square's seedy past.

I told you a half-undressed woman with her hands tied behind her back was pushed out a window and fell to her death in 1987.

Now I've found that a clerk at the Carter was charged in 1999 with killing a co-worker with a knife and a hammer during a brawl at the hotel's front desk.

There have been small fires and other arrests over the years as well.

A building engineer was killed during a freak elevator accident in 2005.

FBI agents once went to the hotel to rescue a 4-year-old boy who had been kidnapped from a day care center in Connecticut as part of a ransom plot.

The ground floors of the hotel once held the nightclub that Puffy Diddy and Jennifer Lopez famously fled after a shooting in 1999.

I think the hotel is fucking haunted. Have you ever been to the Hotel Pennsylvania? It's a lot like that. Creepy. Old. Dusty. Dank. And, probably haunted.

Still, the Carter remains an option for budget travelers who don't mind insects that snore, grimy bathrooms, curiously stained furniture and broken telephones.

"Attempts to reach the hotel's owner were unsuccessful Friday. The Carter's business phone rang unanswered." Yeah, probably because its broken. See above.

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