12 September 2007

Leggo my Stroopwafel

Stroopwafels (Dutch for "syrup waffle") are Dutch cookies made from two round waffle-like wafers with a caramel filling in the middle. They are about four inches in diameter. They are traditionally prepared by cutting a freshly-made waffle in half, spreading the filling and rejoining the two halves. They are also known as "heroin cookies" because they are so fucking good. See: Association of Stroopwafel Addicts

"Stroopwafels are a very old Dutch treat, invented in Gouda in 1784. The story goes that a baker in Gouda decided to make a cookie from all the left over crumbs and spices and then smothered it in caramel syrup. So the stroopwafel started out as a sweet of the poor and eventually became Holland's most favourite tea and coffee chaser. They can seem exceptionally sweet to the untrained tooth. Sit, tooth, sit! Good tooth.

Traditionally, Dutch eat them with a cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa. Just before it is eaten, the stroopwafel is placed on top of the hot cup in order to soften it up. The stroopwafel is the single best selling food item at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, and in Dutch supermarkets there is a variety of stroopwafels sold in Holland-style containers, bags and boxes. There are also organic stroopwafels. Ok, no more italicising stroopwafel.

Holland is for lovers

At many street markets the stroopwafels are made freshly by bakers. The stroopwafel stand can be recognised from afar by the delicious smell of the warm stroop and the waffles themselves are bigger - a plate size (8-10 inches) in diameter. Offcuts and crumbs, usually in clotted lumps from the syrup that oozes at the edge during pressing, are also sometimes sold in bags as stroopwafelstukjes (stroopwafel pieces). Oh my!

For residents of other countries, stroopwafels can be purchased in health food shops, or in the gourmet foods section of a supermarket; sometimes with maple syrup filling instead of conventional syrup. Starbucks recently started selling the mini version of the stroopwafel as well."

We, well Double R and I, LIVED off these things whenever we were passing through Holland. They are unbelievable. Seriously worth the 12-hour round trip flight & jet lag for a genuine cellophane pack of Dutch stroopwafels. Like nothing else on planet earth. For reals.

my stash

**Next time we'll talk France and madeleines!!

French heroin

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