10 September 2007

Viva La Underdog! Viva La Britney!

Wow, the blogs are burying Britney today; they're relentless. We're gonna say she fucking rules and we've got her back, just because. We heart underdogs. And if Madonna likes her, how bad could she be?

Last week The Times reported on some problems at the network over the past few years.

"For one thing, critics say the Video Music Awards, intended as a raucous counterpoint to more staid ceremonies, has become stale itself; the show has endured a four-year ratings slump, including a 28 percent drop last year.

Another issue is the channel’s slow response to the explosion of video and social networking online. Music fans are regularly watching music videos on its Web site, mtv.com, which drew about 8.5 million visitors in July. But Yahoo’s music service, which has long showcased videos, attracted 23 million, and MySpace’s music site drew more than 21 million.

To redeem themselves they gave the VMA's a makeover. The show was brought to Vegas last night and instead of the performances all being in one space, they were spread out throughout the hotels. A website called "You R Here" was set up for instant reports via MTV and fans. YAWN.

Justin Timberlake said it best in his acceptance speech by simply stating, "I want to challenge MTV right now to play more videos!" Only to be followed by his next acceptance speech in which he received his award from the girls of reality show The Hills, then declared that no one wants to see reality shows on a music network. Ha! All right, Just!

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