12 September 2007

We all remember this place right? The Moondance on Sixth Avenue in SoHo. And do you remember it was going to be razed for more condos or whatever? AND do you remember it was gonna be sent to a museum in Pennsylvania but then that couple from La Barge, Wyoming bought it for like $7,000?

Well, they bought it all right. They moved the whole thing and declared it would be reopened for the residents of their town.

And well, I guess the Moondance has made it to La Barge and uh... it looks wonderful; surrounded by oil and gas fields about five miles north of the Oregon Trail.

Today NYMag points to Mark's Journal -- the author of which just passed through Le Barge, a place he describes as "a tiny and remote oilfield town, and one of the most desolate and ugly places imaginable."

Mark snapped a pic of the Moondance on his way through town and we learn that the quaint destiny of the diner is not dissimilar to the fate of a childhood dog going to "a farm upstate".



lookin' good guys!

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