06 September 2007

Whats your favourite Fred Thompson flick?

So last night as the eight other Republican presidential candidates were debating for the fifth time in scenic New Hampshire, Fred Thompson went on Leno and announced he too would be running for president.

Covering all the bases Thompson skipped the debate, but bought a 30-second commercial which aired during the event. In his Leno appearance, Thompson urged viewers to visit his campaign website to view a 15-minute video that detailed his decision to run. Yeah, I'll get right on that.

I thought the behaviour of the eight other Republican candidates duking it out in New Hampshire was fucking childish and classic.

They were all obviously quite jealous of the attention Thompson was getting and nearly every one of them took a shot at Thompson and his decision to be on Leno instead of at the "debate".

I don't give a fuck about any of this but Thompson seems to be best known for his role as the gruff district attorney Arthur Branch on NBC's "Law & Order". Fuck that noise. Let's talk about Thompson as Stockman in Iron Eagle 3, or as Big John in Days of Thunder, or as Trudeau in Die Hard 2, or as Rear Admiral Joshua Painter in the goddamn Hunt for Red October, or as Tom Broadbent in Cape Fear, and how could I forget Fred as Carver Purcell in the Kathy Ireland football flick Necessary Roughness!

"I have a chair, in fact I have 2 chairs, but for some odd reason sitting on top of your desk in these photos means you're ready for business."

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