06 September 2007

Where was anthrax hiding?

Before the 2001 anthrax letter attacks, the only Anthrax anyone knew was caught in a mosh. It was an old, rare, odd disease that horses got and it made them go crazy or some shit. Right?

Well, now it's anthrax mania!

Anthrax spores can and have been used as a biological warfare weapon. There is a long history of bioweapons research in this area but now we're talking 1940's.

Before 2001, the only time anthrax was airborne was in 1979 when one million people living roughly 850 miles east of Moscow were exposed to an accidental release of anthrax from a biological weapons complex.

Where did all this 'thrax come from? How did it become the hot new biowar weapon overnight?

Now it's anthrax here, anthrax there, anthrax found at your mothers house, anthrax found in this and that...

Yesterday some clowns in Danbury, Connecticut were making African drums with animal hides in their garage and they caught the 'thrax.

Have we just become more aware of the anthrax since the 2001 letter attacks?

Is it just me or before 2001 was anthrax completely off the radar and now its everywhere.

Whats the deal, yo?


Anonymous said...

Holy cr*p! I've never seen those envelopes posted...They remind me a lot of the envelopes that the Zodiac sent! (But no double postage stamp here...guess money is an issue.)

Anonymous said...

Errr...If there is some relevance...Would I be entitled to the 2.5 million dollar reward?