11 October 2007


For the fours of you who follow this blog, you should know that tonight is fucking 30 ROCK!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Last week I decided to see what this appointment television was all about and I sorta got hooked. I suppose this week will be make or break; if I a) remember to watch tonight and b) dig the episode and c) tune in again next week, well then I'll be a bona fide loser. But right now, its still sort of a novelty. Right? Right.

Tonight on NBC at 8:30, ya hurrrd?


Anonymous said...

we fucking started that shit, yo. EW.

Brooklyn Beat said...

You, too ? I got hooked at the very end of last season & beginning of this...Good one last nite, a little less manic than last week's opener but lots of promise to come. Great energetic ensemble comedy.

Uncle T