05 October 2007

ABC will eat itself

The 27-year old ABC No Rio, ye olde non-profit art and activism community center at 156 Rivinton, has decided to raze the building and construct a new one. So after all that "Save ABC" hoopla, the inmates have decided to tear down the asylum themselves? To that I say touché!

From their site...

New Construction at ABC No Rio...

It has been an exciting year since ABC No Rio acquired the property at 156 Rivington Street. Our collective, our board, our community has met to discuss the future of this place.

Local architect Paul Castrucci has been working with No Rio towards the design of a new facility. The building at 156 Rivington Street is distressed and in disrepair. We've determined that existing conditions are such that responsible repair and renovation would be difficult and not significantly less costly than new construction.

Through new construction we will build dramatically improved facilities and resources for our cultural, community and educational activities.

Over the course of the past several months, we met many times, assessed our current and future needs, and now have plans for a new building on the site.

New construction will expand our first floor gallery and performance space; install new building-wide systems (electrical, plumbing, heating); provide disabled access to areas used for public events; and create more useful and efficient workshop facilities. Our approach will be towards green and sustainable design: energy efficiency and conservation, use of local and recycled materials, and the installation of a green roof.

mind if i grab a quick shower?

Through this project we will augment and enhance ABC No Rio's use of the site for all our projects and programs. It will cost almost $2 million...

Muahahhaha I'm Steve Englander, the director of ABC No Rio.

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