24 October 2007

All That Glitters Ain't Gold Lamé

Et tu, Brute! Could it be the hipsters are starting to turn on their beloved American Apparel?! Black is white? Right is left? Wrong is right? Cats are dogs????!?!?!

I noticed this mammoth AA billboard a few weeks ago on the corner of East Houston and Allen. Photo by GammaBlog

Last weekend I noticed someone had brazenly splashed Dov Charney's muse with ecto-cooler coloured paint.

And now I spy someone has added "Gee, I wonder why women get raped" as well.

Like the great D. Boon once said "And I'll put it in simple words: Working men are pissed!"

The hipsters are revolting. The blank t-shirt revolution is showing signs of erosion.

This reminds me of the FBI's James Fox and his speech outside the courthouse after they locked Gotti up. He said, "The Teflon is gone. The don is covered with Velcro, and all the charges stuck.''

Yes, indeed. It looks as if the teflon which surrounded Dov Charney's blank t-shirt empire for some time now is in fact starting to wear thin. I'd sure like to think we helped push some of the boulders to the edge.

I mean really, how long did you think you could pull the wool over our eyes, Dov?

Never trust a Canadian

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