22 October 2007

Amy Winehouse is a genius

My girl Amy Winehouse is releasing a live DVD, and if you choose to upgrade your purchase, you get the Amy Winehouse weekend essentials: a pint glass and an ashtray. But of course!

"I Told You I Was Trouble - Amy Winehouse Live From London November 6, 2007" is the perfect title of her new disc, available by itself or in the Double Trouble Combo -- which includes the 16 oz. pint glass and 3.5 inch ashtray, both engraved with Amy's name. Ha!

Ash tray has 4 notched snuffers and is 3 ½” square. "

Three cheers for gratuitous marketing!

The 50 minute documentary charts Amy's rise over the last 4 years, interviews with members of her team, Amy's dad plus the full Shepherd's Bush Empire show in London.

The "Double Trouble" combo goes for $30, the DVD by itself is $16.49

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