09 October 2007

"Congratulations to photographer Andres Serrano! On Friday, a gang of neo-Nazi hoods swept through his show in Sweden with axes and crowbars and destroyed $200K worth of (overvalued) prints. Not since a million years ago, when Jesse Helms went postal over the photographer's "Piss Christ," has Serrano had such an important moment for his market (and his "artistic relevance")! We hereby issue a STRONG BUY..."

The Music Man: What neuroscience can't tell us about music
Oliver Sacks' Musicophilia {Paul Elie for Slate}

Has anyone ever been to the Time Warner HQ on 5th avenue & 27th street in BK? Have you seen the security guard in there? Dude is LOC'd the fuck out. Navy blue security guard pants tucked inside his untied shitkicker boots, security hat to the side, chewing on a sweet stick with enough gumby gold to choke a 50¢ Bonanno vending machine at the supermarket exit. It's worth the trip. The dude is mad nice, its just great seeing a dude so LOC'd out in that setting. I kinda love when dudes ghetto up their work uniforms; dudes working in Burger King with the visor titled to tha side, pants hanging off their ass, shirt all baggy; I guess thats how you express your true self at the workplace in 2007.

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