04 October 2007

Appointment Television

I've never been down with TV, really. A little bit here or there but I'm not religious about it. Radio and documentaries have always been my preference. I will say HBO gave people like me a run for our money though; at times The Sopranos and Six Feet Under were quite hard not to follow.

Just about everyday on the elevator I'll overhear people passionately discussing this show or that show; inquisitively asking each other: "Did you see Heroes last night?"; "My wife TiVo'd Big Love, gotta get home and watch that"; "Gotta catch up on Weeds this weekend. That show is uh-mazing!"; "Did you catch Californication last weekend? Holy Fuckshit!"... For most of these shows the first time I'm hearing about them is when I overhear these crashing bores vibrantly discussing them!

Its maddening, I tell you, maddening!, this appointment television phenom!

That being said, I think tonight I'm going to try and catch the season premier of 30 Rock. Seems like a show I might dig; I've always loved dramatised behind-the-curtain movies about TV or radio. Plus I think my boy Seinfeld has a cameo tonight and you can't ever go wrong there. I'll let you know how it goes. Chances are I'll totally forget, so if you know me, send me a text and remind me, K? It's on tonight at 8:30 on NBC 4.

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