08 October 2007

Are Jehovah's Witnesses getting lazy?

What the F? These guys don't come 'round no more? The other day I received a letter in the mail, not even an e-mail, just a regular letter, typed up, whatever. Took about 3 paragraphs before they said who they were: Jehovah's Witnesses! AGGGGHHH!

But the letter was sorta like a transcript of a real door-to-door visit. Like babbling, babbling and then finally they say who they are and state their business.

Once a few of them rang the bell at my old place on 71 street. I forgot what I'd said exactly but it ended with me saying I had to go now because I was busy upstairs studying for my "anthology" test.

They said "Oh?" and left.

But I mean, fuck, how passive aggressive is a letter in the mail? Rest on your laurels much?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Not laziness, but perhaps we have not been reaching you lately - or in a long while!

Folks be busy; but thanx for letting us know that some of us get finger happy and go a bit too long with the letters ;^)