15 October 2007

"Bowie-inspired" clothes hit Target

Designer Keanan Duffty (a/k/a your boy) is bringing David Bowie's renown and impeccable fashion sense to the hipster Wal-Mart known as Target.

Duffty's fall men's collection-- hitting stores just in time for this Sunday's circular-- "drew inspiration" from the music, persona, and the years and years of wacky ensembles of Mr. David Bowie. GASP.

According to a press release, "Several of the collection's key pieces draw direct inspiration from characters and songs by David Bowie. The tuxedo, vest, and pants were inspired by David's Thin White Duke persona, the song 'Station to Station', and his most recent album Reality. The dress shirts and trench coat are references to David's first movie role as Thomas Jerome Newton in The Man Who Fell to Earth. In addition, the gray button-down shirt features Bowie's 'Let's Dance' lyrics scripted onto the fabric."

Target has also got a new Bowie compilation called Strangers When We Meet meant to be "displayed alongside the fashion collection." The CD, which "features tracks from forthcoming and proposed Virgin/EMI David Bowie catalog releases" includes live versions of "Jean Genie", "Young Americans" and "Word on a Wing".

You got any Thin White Duke in XXL? Honey, did we remember to get the peanut butter filled pretzels?

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