04 October 2007

Born within earshot of the Bow Bells

They're giving away two midnight blue Maserati's and they're on display in Grand Censh; 500 raffle tickets / $1,000 a ticket and its for charity.

Today must be art school class trip to Grand Central day. I saw several aspiring artistes sitting on the floor at strategic points around the station drawing away. One guys stuff looked pretty good; all in pencil, reminded me of my French text book from high school. Language text books always had that certain sketchy sort of style for all their drawings. Monique is going to the movies with Phillip. Monique va au cinéma avec Phillip. And there'd be a little stick sketch of a guy and a girl walking to a movie theater.

Descend unto the bowels to refill mon MetroCard. Heard a guy playing along to a muzak version of "Sultans of Swing". I fucking love that song, always have. Has such a nice Southern lazy swing and crawl to it. Oh, and the lyrics are wonderful. Busker was jamming on that song though; the song is long as it is but this dude was just rocking. His back up music tape stopped and he kept on soloing. I loved it. I almost wanted to pay a fare just to go throw a few coins into busker's hat but I said fuck it.

Rode that tired soot escalator back upstairs with a girl with a ying/yang bag. Who still rocks the ying/yang? Her I guess. What else happened on my lunch break? Hmmmm.

I guess thats about it. Rode up on the elevator with a girl with her walkman blasting and it sounded like she was listening a cacophony of bells like a steam engine approaching. Imagine?

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