01 October 2007

Caninus is back?

After nearly a year in hiding it seems the worlds first band to be fronted by an animal is back!
"Sept 28, 2007. It has been quite some time. Over a year I'd imagine. But were still here. In hiding. Buying fancy foreign cars and slowly sipping talented wines. The CD repress is now done and available. Howard Stern has been showing us much love. The Village Voice is doing some thing on us now, too. They're all on board. Eating out of our hands like cockatoos. We have more songs so more recordings will come. Now we are busy bullet-proofing our van and designing mosaics for subway tunnels. We have a new member. Her name is Dolly as in Dolly Wood. She will appear on all forthcoming recordings and she will be writing lyrics, too. Shes a pit bull pup from Jersey City. We've now added some Baltimore flavour to the fold as well. Our very own Belle Molotov has moved to the DC area to study Entomological enology, which is the study of bugs in wine. Our drummer Curry Lightning lives around the corner. So Caninus is now 50% Baltimore and 100% brutal. I'd love to tell you more but I won't. Just stay tuned to our MySpace thing and you'll hear something soon. "
Media darlings and most elusive Caninus appeared on the scene about 5 years ago as the first heavy metal band to feature dogs singing! The human quotient of the band always appear behind masks leading to much speculation and mystery as to who is behind this group. Caninus have been featured everywhere from Details to GQ to Rolling Stone to Maxim and beyond.

Listen to a sample, here.

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