08 October 2007

Intern finds $282.6 million error in NY budget doc

An official from China who came to Long Island to learn about local government has discovered a $282.6 million error in a Nassau County budget document.

27-year old Ellie Su a supervisor in the government procurement division for Dongguan, in southern China, noticed that a debt service document entry read $31.4 million instead of $314 million. Goddamn decimals!

Nassau County is getting Su's expertise for free. Her government is paying her salary while she interns with the Office of Legislative Budget Review.

This reminds of me Weekend at Bernie's when Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman are on the roof in the summer with their dot matrix print outs covered in hot tar, and they uncover a scam in the office.

They present the info to their boss who's so grateful he invites them to his kick ass house for Labor Day weekend. But when they show up they find him dead and decide it would benefit both of them to let the crazy Labor Day parties go on with everyone thinking he's still alive as hilarious hijinx and chaos ensue!

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