09 October 2007

Does basketball season EVER end?

Basketball is probably my least favourite sport; second only to golf. I haven't been into basketball since Lou Carnesecca coached the St. John's Redmen back in like '84 and '85 with Mark Jackson and Chris Mullin and your boy Patrick Ewing still rocking the blue & grey mesh for John Thompson's Georgetown. Glen Frey's "The Heat is On" was all over the radio and all over those Big East TV promos.

Those were the days.

Now when I'm flipping through the radio dials, if I hear even a second of college basketball, I get sick to my stomach; I dunno why, I just do. It's awful. And the NBA just bores the shit out of me.

My biggest beef is that it seems as if the NBA season never fucking ends, like ever! It just goes on and on and on. Just when you stop hearing about basketball, its like "21 days til basketball season" - like what the fuck?! Didn't it just end?!? Does it ever end? I mean I guess it doesn't matter since its always played indoors but fuck, give it a rest.

These dudes play like 80-something games per season! It's insane! There's just one problem: it'll never change. The NBA is making too much money to ever consider making the season shorter. So, I guess I'll just continue hating basketball.

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