08 October 2007

The Duality of Man:
Point Counter Point in my own head

You know I'm not down with Blackwater or any of these private "security" firms running wild like cowboys over in Iraq.

The Iraqi government have accused Blackwater of killing 17 civilians on the morning of September 16, while they were escorting an American diplomatic envoy in Baghdad.

Last month, an ABC news report quoted what it said were sworn statements from Blackwater employees. A number of those said that they had fired on a white car after it failed to slow down despite hand and arm signals.

The incident took place when Nisoor Square was busy with traffic. Accounts of what happened to the first Blackwater unit to enter Nisoor Square have differed.

Iraqi eyewitnesses have said that guards moved into the roundabout stopping the traffic. They then fired on the white sedan when it failed to slow down. According to those accounts, the car burst into flames killing the occupants. One eyewitness said Blackwater operatives had fired a rocket or grenade into the car.

Those eyewitnesses say Blackwater guards then fired without provocation into the surrounding area as civilians and Iraqi officers tried to flee. They say the officers did not return the fire.


Do I simply hate the idea of Blackwater? Yes. Just because it seems like a fucking cavalry made up of Gung-ho assholes granted some sort of ethical carte blanche in Iraq. These guys are there to protect diplomats and envoys and whatever; basically to act as bodyguards to "important" people instead they're acting like drunken cowboys in Oakley sunglasses; some sort of private army, abusing their power by shooting innocent people and chalking it all up as collateral damage.

"Sorry we blew up that bridge, bombed that mosque and killed 3 women but we had to get the assemblyman to his dinner on time, Sir."


On September 11, 2001 2,974 innocent people were killed. 2,603 in New York City alone. So you know what? Fuck it; Blackwater gets a pass. All is fair in love and war.

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