11 October 2007

Dude kills his girl over $50

29-year-old Michael Chin Lenahan an unemployed artist from Chinatown was charged with murdering his new girlfriend in the apartment he shares with his grandmother.

Your boy called his brother in NJ and simply said "I screwed up." Chin's mother later went to the apartment and found a woman's body on her son's bed, under a pile of laundry.

Police said Chin and Lorna Santiago had a date last Saturday night. They started off at a restaurant on Third Avenue and then went to Rick's Cabaret on West 33rd, where he bought her $50 in lap dances. After that amazing date they returned to Chin's apartment on the 39th floor at 20 Confucius Plaza.

Confucius Plaza, a 44-story subsidized housing cooperative a/k/a the Chinese projects.

Thats when the couple, who had been dating for just a week, got into a heated argument over some bullshit. I bet Chin probably figured he'd get laid after such a perfect and special evening and his girl was refusing.

So Chin demanded his $50 back. His girl refused and kicked him in the balls. And thats when your boy Chin lost it, grabbed her by the throat and choked her to death.

He left her body lying on his bed and scrawled the apology, which was accompanied by a bizarre drawing. Ebay anyone?

Then Sunday and Monday nights, he slept beside the decaying body of his brand new girlfriend.

Chin took off but was eventually convinced to surrender at a McDonald's near the South Street Seaport?? Random!

Chin has a record for grand larceny and also suffers from spina bifida. He has been charged with second-degree murder.

Chin displays his sculptures and Chinese-themed paintings on his MySpace page. Happy hunting!

"He's had a limp ever since he was a kid. He always looks like he's in pain," said a neighbour.
"I was surprised when I learned he was 29," she added. "He looks like a kid. He acts like a kid."

Chin told the cops he met the his girl through a friend a week before. The building's security tape shows the two coming in and out several times.

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