30 October 2007


It isn't often that I'll stick up for the "ugly people" of rural America but I will when Bape is involved.

A story about Nigo, the Pharell-phelching Japanese "street fashion" entrepreneur who founded A Bathing Ape, has spent weeks tearing up the "Most Emailed List" of the website of the very-substantial mogul-targeted business magazine Portfolio.

Bathing Ape (BAPE) is responsible for popularising those inane multicolored "Whoa crap OVERLOAD!" printed hoodies worn by dudes way too old to be spending their money on that shit.

Anyway, Nigo is perhaps the most important man in that realm of "fashion" beloved by guys who don't have to wear collared shirts to work, but he has some haters.

Nigo's mentor Hiroshi Fujiwara says:

"I just wonder how he feels when he sees ugly people wearing his clothes. If you go to the countryside in America and people are wearing Bathing Ape, that's not very cool. I thought he was more like us, but he changed."

Fujiwara now works for Nike and Levi's. Umm...

It's not often that we call one in favour of Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger and all the colossal American brands clothing all the ugly people of our great nation's countryside in their mass-Chinese-produced crap over the voice of Japanese craftsmanship and "lean manufacturing" but the guy works for Nike, for fuck's sake!

And Nigo, bro, you make shitty oversized baby pajamas that a few rap dudes like to wear.

Your shit is beat, tired, toast; it's done. Neeeeexxxxt!


Fashion's Next Big Bang {Portfolio}

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