05 October 2007

I took the plunge

and now I think I might be hooked...

So I did some serious appointment television last night. 8:30 I was in front of the flat screen ready for my virgin 30 Rock experience and it wasn't all bad!

In fact, I chuckled, I chortled and I even tsk tsk'd. I forgot how fast television shows were, its like 18 minutes of show the rest is commercials. Seinfeld was funny, Tracy Morgan hardly ever disappoints, Tina Fey's scar was on point, and Alec Baldwin is a genius.

I may even tune in again next week. Fuck, whats happening to me?!!

I caught the tail end of that Jason Lee show and it was not very funny at all; as subtle as a large print book I thought.

1 comment:

Tony said...

JLB, you gotta see Jason Lee's show from the beginning. All 3 of those shows on Thursdays are great in fact.