15 October 2007

Imus will return to radio in December

In a dramatic and dazzling career rebound, Connecticut cowboy and archaic radio host Don Imus has secured a deal returning him to the airwaves on December 3 - this time on the nation's most listened to talk station; "Imus In The Morning" will make a high-impact resurrection on WABC in New York City, top sources reveal.

"We'll have him on a standard 40-second delay," a source explains. "Don is rested, humbled, and ready for war!" Humbled? HA!

Specific terms of the deal will not be released, but the out-of-touch I-Man, who was fired by CBS and MSNBC after making disparaging comments about the Rutgers women's basketball team, has inked a eight-figure, multi-year contract with WABC parent company, CITADEL BROADCASTING.

But who will his GUESTS be?

Will senators come on? Presidential candidates? Tim Russert? Anna Quindlen? Who's the guest now? WILL THE ELITES TURN THEIR BACK ON HIM, AGAIN?

The stunning comeback is a defeat for those who protested and picketed Imus earlier this year.

Imus is said to be particularly incensed by Senator Hillary Clinton's "shameless exploitation" of the Rutgers situation.

The senator, who Imus has called "satan" and the "devil", traveled to Rutgers in April to praise the women's basketball team for its response to the controversy. In a campaign email, Hillary called Imus's comments "small-minded bigotry and coarse sexism."

"Hillary, prepare to meet your maker!" a source close to the host joked early Monday.

Station executives are still tinkering with the new schedule at WABC, which will likely see current morning jock Curtis Sliwa paired with late morning's John Gambling.

Imus will be interviewed by Barbara Walters for a coming special. I guess the I-Man has been using some of that CBS settlement money on a new publicist.

While I thought it was insane how Al Sharpton basically played bully on a slow news week and had Imus ejected within a matter of days after a 30+ year career, I don't think there is any need for him to return. He should've sued CBS and moved to island somewhere. He is an old out-of-touch windbag. ZZZzzzzzzzzzzz.

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