10 October 2007

KardASSian Family Photo

from D-Listed: Last week the The Daily News broke the story that some dude was trying to sell pictures of Kim KardASSIAN and her sister Kourtney (the amazon one in the pic above) nude and underaged. The pictures were rumoured to have been taken when the girls were under 18. Eric Ford, the man trying to sell the pictures, was questioned and the FBI took his laptop, but did not arrest him pending an investigation.

Eric said that the pictures were of Kim and Kourtney having sex with some man, but the News reports this is not the case. They were just "posing" with him and the series of photos were taken a year apart. Gross.

Blah...blah...blah...how is that Kourtney is so different looking than her two sisters?! Above is Kim with one sister Khloe and the other one is Kourtney. First of all, their names are fucking annoying. Kim, Khloe and Kourtney? KKK!!!!!! That should be the name of their girl pop group.

What they got in the booty Kourtney got in height. HOLLA AT YOUR BOY LIKE WUUUUUT!

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Anonymous said...

Kourtney is the cute petite one, Khloe is the amazon one.