18 October 2007

Le Cirque: Now with more truffle!

TRUFFLE MANIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Le Cirque owner Owner Sirio Maccioni and his $7,000 mushroom

Well it hasn’t been a great season for white truffles, but the pezzonovanti who frequent Le Cirque won’t let that bother them: Owner Sirio Maccioni has somehow managed to acquire a mammoth one-pound truffle recently unearthed in Italy.

Sirio has his ways...

Sirio submitted the winning bid of $7,000 for the gigantic tuber, the biggest of its kind found in several years.

Sirio’s son Mauro Maccioni, who runs the restaurant along with his father, was thrilled: “Truffles are very scarce this year, so to find such a pristine, large one is really amazing. It’s a gem. It’s almost a shame to eat it!” Yeah, lets just look at it.

Hooray! Line cooks celebrate the fungus that cost more than 6 months pay!

Sirio estimates the “perfectly round, pristine” 1.1 pound truffle will yield 60-70 dishes. “I would love a big group of seventy to come in and take the whole truffle for everybody!”

He also divulged that this is the most he’s ever paid for one truffle, primarily because “this year the weather is not great in Italy and there’s a huge scarcity of truffles. They found that truffle in Asti near Milan. Once unearthed they rushed it – almost like a patient needing surgery – to the airport and flew it to the U.S., where my father bid for it and got it.”

I love it. Some people wait by the phone for kidney transplants, this fuck waits by the phone for fungi on ice from Milan.

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