23 October 2007

Marie Osmond Hits The Deck

Although she was never part of her family's band, Marie Osmond gained success as a country singer in the 70's and 80's. Her best known song was the 1973 ballad "Paper Roses". She also hosted the famous Donny & Marie Show with her brother.

She has her own doll company called Marie Osmond Fine Porcelain Collection Dolls and she can currently be seen fainting on "Dancing With The Stars"...

"Marie Osmond's samba landed with a thud on Monday night's episode of "Dancing With the Stars." Literally.

Osmond was listening to judge Len Goodman's critique of her dance with partner Jonathan Roberts when she suddenly fell to the ground. "
I love that she taunts one of the judges before she faints. "Is that enough for you, Bruno?!" she shrieks, jumping up and down like a lunatic.

A few things to listen & look for while viewing this footage of network TV gold:

1) As soon as she drops, people laugh, thinking it was a joke I guess
2) That thud when she drops
3) The look on judge Len Goodman's face as this all goes down before him
4) The dramatic camera sweep to the rafters after Tom Bergeron throws it to commercial

It's kind of creepy to watch her face knowing whats going on inside her body and what was about to happen. Fainting is caused by the Central Ischaemic Response, because of a lack of sufficient blood and oxygen in the brain.

Central Ischaemic Response is the brain's response to chronic lack of blood circulating the system. The brain has already increased blood flow, breathing and supply to the brain, leaving a person feeling shivery, sick, hot and sweaty. All that is left is the response which will relieve the Central Ischaemic Response in the legs and allow blood to flow back around the system. It is more commonly known as fainting. Its sort of like a reset button for the body that makes you black out.

The first symptoms a person feels before fainting are dizziness; a dimming of vision, or brownout; tinnitus / ears ringing; and feeling hot. Moments later, the person's vision turns black, and he or she drops to the floor... as seen here:

When the show returned from commercial, host Tom Bergeron told viewers Marie was fine and that her first words were “Oh, crap …'’ when she came to only seconds later.

Osmond recovered quickly enough to stand and get her scores. She apologised, saying she sometimes gets winded and stops breathing. Oh right, that whole "stop breathing" thing, yeah that can be a real nuisance on a samba routine.

The best headline I found was from the Mercury News blog which read:
“Dancing With the Stars”: Marie Osmond faints, wakes up tied for last place


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