01 October 2007

New York's worst kept secret

So they've been filming the Sex And The City movie in NYC for the past few weeks and everyday there are photos online everywhere and spoilers; its insane. I've never seen anything like it. Whats her face is pregnant, Square Pegs is still hanging out with Mr. Big (and apartment hunting with him) and they've cast Jennifer Hudson from Dreamgirls, too. She will play Sarah Jessica's assistant; a new character. Not unlike Ghostbusters 2 when they put Ernie Hudson in there as the new guy, Winston. I'm thinking, the way this is going, by the time this film hits theaters next May, there will really be no reason to go see it because we'll have seen it all already.

all that pancake make up makes Mr. Big look like Seinfeld

starring Jennifer Hudson as the fourth Ghostbuster

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