19 October 2007

Poor Penny

Poor crazy Penny Crone. She's been a staple in NYC TV newscasts for years and now with nowhere to go, she's reinvented herself as a real estate agent at Prudential Douglas Elliman?!?

Good for her for being a survivor, but fuck if times ain't tough out there when a three-time local Emmy Award-winner can't land another TV job...

Penny was best known around here for her tireless coverage of the NYPD, the FDNY and the stupid Yankees. She's worked for Fox 5's "Good Day New York", CBS 2 and Channel 9 back when it was still WWOR with Richard Bey and Ralph Kiner.

Penny was also the resident FOX 5 Howard Stern specialist and always turned up at his stunt press conferences where Howard and Penny would riff on each other.

Penny eventually wound up working for Howard with the Howard 100 News Team for Sirius Satellite Radio but she was let go back in January due to "budget cuts".

With her rusty nail on a razor blade, 2-pack-a-day, Single grain Scotch voice, Penny is and was a true card; a bona fide neurotic lunatic; a real NY character, however irritating and annoying.

And well now you can buy an apartment from her on CPW.

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