05 October 2007

Red Sox Fan Attacked in Yonkers

This is like when The Exploited would tell their audience to go beat up the people letting out of the disco down the street.

A Red Sox fan was attacked outside of a Yonkers hotel in the wee hours of Thursday morning.

I guess two dudes were at the Ramada hotel bar on Tuckahoe Road Wednesday night watching the Red Sox game. After the game one of the men, who was wearing a Red Sox baseball hat and jersey, was leaving the hotel when he was approached by a man from behind.

Red Sox lovin' Carlos Ortez was attacked sustaining multiple fractures to several bones in his face. As of this morning, Ortez remained in ICU at Westchester Medical Center.

The DA said two dudes from Pennsylvania no less, Duane Somers, 32, and Edward McConaughey, 42, were arrested and charged with assault.

I dunno... I wouldn't go wearing my Yankees gear to a bar on Lansdowne, I guess you shouldn't roll up to Yonkers in your Red Sox uniform.


Tony said...

Thats still pretty lame, especially considering the jacklegs were from PA.

There are as many Yankees, Mets and Red Sox fans down here as there are Braves fans so that kind of violent loyalty doesn't seem to exist I guess.

Tony said...

Oh, and that was the first punk tape I ever purchased. Bought it on a field trip to Underground Atlanta back in 7th grade.

Gotham City Insider said...

Today I've got that Anthrax "startin up a posse" song in my head, can you please explain why?????