03 October 2007

Remembering Pizza Rustica

It's a dog eat dog world out there. I realised the other day my favourite Pizza Rustica has closed its doors; lost its lease. Hidden in plain sight on Lexington between 45th & 46th, the place was a hidden portal of deelish. You could step in, out off the busy bustle of Lexington at lunch hour and step into a labyrinth world of deep crimson tomato sauce and mini chocolate cannolis. The owner was always there, small, fragile and Italian with a starched shirt and impeccable suspenders. The hole-in-the-wall storefront belied the cavernous secret seating area in the back and the seemingly endless maze of catering trays and counters.

Goodbye Pizza Rustica, we won't forget you.

Which reminds me of something I'd been meaning to mention...

What's the deal with pizza cartoons and clipart? 9 times out of 10 pizza cartoonery will ALWAYS ALWAYS have pepperoni or some sort of topping; hardly ever will you see a plain slice or -GASP - a plain pie! What gives?

Why is the quintessential "pizza clipart" ALWAYS topped with pepperoni???!?

Would we not recognise the worlds most delicious food if it was drawn naked sans toppings? I smell a conspiracy. Here are some examples: (I didn't have to search very hard to make my case)

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