03 October 2007

Rumour dispelled before most even hear about it

"Minor Threat/Fugazi frontman rumours untrue... Reports of Ian MacKaye's death greatly exaggerated..."

Well, that was quick! Fuckin' amateurs!

You know a rumour sucks when the first time you hear about it is when its being cleared up.

Ian MacKaye, the frontman of Minor Threat and Fugazi is alive and well, despite reports of his death??

The Baltimore Sun was reportedly given notification of MacKaye's death yesterday evening (October 2), but after phone calls to the hospital where MacKaye supposedly died, there was no record of him being admitted.

A phone call to MacKaye's home found the frontman answering his phone with the words "I am still alive".

The 45 year-old founder of Dischord Records was made aware of the rumours, which were reportedly initiated on Myspace and subsequently on Wikipedia.

After having two postings regarding his "death" removed from Wikipedia, the website disabled the section so it could not be updated with any more false rumours.

Meanwhile, the NME alerts us to the fact that there is a test press copy of Marillion's "Fugazi" LP signed by the whole band on Ebay right now and the bidding starts at £20. Thanks, boys!

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