22 October 2007

Some "Alliance"

So today is the second taxi strike in six weeks led by Bhairavi Desai. And have you heard her voice? She sounds like she's 5 years old, its great.

Anyway, what a mess this so-called "Taxi Workers Alliance" is. They really can't get their shit together. I see just as many cabs on the street as any other day around here. Some strike, huh? It's pathetic and half-hearted.

Cabbies are upset about new rules requiring credit card and GPS technology in their cars and I don't really understand why. I took a cab a few weeks ago and I was fucking elated that I could just swipe my card through and get out. I think I even tipped the guy more than I normally would have.

Suddenly taxi drivers are concerned about privacy and Big Brother "tracking" their movements with the GPS system?!

As I've said before: there are about 44,000 taxi drivers in total, driving 13,000 cabs in NYC everyday. No one is going to be monitoring or "tracking" their movements. I don't know who is getting into their heads but they're being fed a whole lotta bullshit.

Just shut the fuck up and take me Downtown, you nincompoop.

Bhairavi needs to get her "alliance" in order because all these half-assed strikes are really going to water her whole shit down. The cabbies are crying wolf and no one cares.

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