04 October 2007

Stevedores Holding Off Lattes on Red Hook Waterfront?

from Curbed:

The big city plan to redo the Red Hook waterfront with hotels, condos and cafes? The time may be drawing near to stick a fork in it.

The plan to dislodge the Red Hook port has been dying a slow twisting-in-the-wind kind of death with pieces like the cruise port expansion being twisted away and all kinds of political artillery being summoned to shoot holes in it.

The latest is a request by 20 elected officials to the Port Authority to extend the port operator's lease for ten years. The struggle is likely to continue, though, as the Port Authority and the city's Economic Development Corp. say they're still considering their options.

Also, those crafty stevedores are said to owe $1 million in back rent, which they deny.

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