30 October 2007

Stop Editorialising the Weather!

I'm pretty sure I've said it before, but I'll sayeth again: Stop Editorialising the Weather!

The weather is the only part of "the news" where its somehow OK to editorialise and I'm tired of it. Just tell me if it's going to be hot or cold tomorrow and sit the fuck down. You wanna wear a funny hat or tell me about some lady who's gonna turn 103 tomorrow, fine, but that's it. You're job is done. Don't use any adjectives whatsoever!

I am so tired of weatherpeople assuming everyone loves the heat. Just tell me its going to be "warm" tomorrow, do not preface "warm" with "nice". It's always "nice and warm". Fuck that. You think Eskimo's want that shit?!

Don't report the weather in this mournful & maudlin tone when its going to be cold.

Stop assuming the entire world is begging for a 95 degree day, because they aren't.

Personally, I don't associate the word "beautiful" with "90 degrees" ever (unless it refers to an oven en route to 350 degrees to make me brownies) so stop speaking for me and my people!

Stop Editorialising the Weather!!!!!

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