08 October 2007

Thank you, sir, may I have another? NY's first S&M street fair!

The annual Folsom Street Fair, sometimes simply referred to as Folsom, is held on the last Sunday in September and tops off San Francisco's Leather Pride Week in San Francisco's South of Market district.

Folsom started in 1984 as the world's largest leather event and California's third largest spectator event. People love to gawk even though its impolite to point.

My friend goes every year with a gaggle of other lunatics. She sends me pics and its just insanity; must be seen to be believed. Even if you think you're hip and open minded, some of the shit at Folsom will make you blush.

"A public flogging brought some to their knees on the West Side Sunday, and they better have loved it.

The city's first-ever, kinky-sex street fair featured open-air flogging, hard-core leather-whip types and punishment fans in cowboy chaps.

Where are the zeppoles?

"It's a celebration of leather and fetish," said New York Leather Invasion group leader Robert Vallan, one of the organisers of the event.

"It's all consensual, ya know. We're all consensual adults and alot of the community is about educating others on how to do this safely without harming anybody, with respecting people's boundries," Vallan said.

One of the vendors, "Lady Sabrina" had mens jocks, vests, blindfolds, floggers, books, collars and men's and women's underwear.

"It's alot about playful and about finding a partner that you can have a good time with," Robert Campbell, a vendor selling rubber clothing said. "What your good time may be, may not be someone else's, but it takes all kinds," he added. "

Shit, did I leave the oven on?

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