24 October 2007

This is why Giuliani will never be President

This is exactly the reason why Giuliani would never win a presidential election and its not what you may think; its not because he's flip flopping his allegiance to a stupid baseball team.

Its because Giuliani simply belongs to New York. Like Ed Koch and David Dinkins. Love him or hate him, Giuliani is a New York phenom; the rest of the country couldn't care less about the dude. He needs a "Property of New York" stamp on his giant fivehead.

While campaigning in Boston and New Hampshire, Giuliani said he is backing the Boston Red Sox in the World Series. Just like any other presidential candidate would've done whilst campaigning in Boston and New Hampshire! Don't forget New Hampshire - part of so-called "Red Sox Nation" - holds the first-in-the-nation presidential primary.

And if New Yorkers are so incensed over this "turncoat" move (read: political) then Giuliani is fucked because if he doesn't have New York City on lock down he's got no foundation at all. People in the mid-West are still learning how to say his last name.

The "Yankee Fan-In-Chief" is on the cover of both NY papers and there are 300 some odd articles about this online. The dude is toast.

He was Hitler pre-9/11 and became Churchill post-9/11 and now he's just your garden variety politician on the premature campaign trail in GOP rival Mitt Romney's backyard, rooting for the Red Sox.

Giuliani's siding with the Sox surprised even his New York campaign team. "I question his Yankee credentials. If you're a big Yankee fan, you have to hate the Red Sox," said Guy Molinari, New York co-chair of the Giuliani campaign. Yeah, Guy will be fired.

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